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The interview of Japanese tattoo magazine

I was interviewed from Japanese Tattoo Magazine "Tattoo Trival"

I've uploaded my article on my web site.

If you have some interests about me , please check it out!

Thank you

Tattooist Ryoki

New tattoo work

Those peony tattoo are my recently work.
I love flowers design tattoo, especially peony.
It is called to 'the King of flower' in eastern Asian culture.

Tattoo Art Works Al-Haut : Tattoist Ryoki

Going to work in Germany and Switzerland

Hi, everybody.
I’m going to Germany and Switzerland and will be available for tattoo
sessions while I’m there.

I'll be in Zurich ,Switzerland from 28th of May to the 4th of June
If you'd like to be tattooed by me please contact Sabine Gaffron
(See below for contact detail)

Then I'll be in Hamburg Germany from the 5th of June to the 27th of June.
Please contact Tattoo Nouveau.

I'd like to tattoo many non Japanese people on my journey.

If you are interested in getting tattoo from me
please contact them.

I'm really looking forward to going Europe !!

Best regards

In Zurich Switzerland 29.May to 4. June
In Hambrug Germany 5.June to 27.June

☆In Germany contact

Tattoo Nouveau

☆In Switzerland
Sabine Gaffrom

Drawing with Charcorl

I’m learning about drawing at my art class.

Those picture are my drawing.

I have to finish it in this April.

Charcoal is a good way for me to learn gray gradients and lighting techniques.

But it is very very difficult... (><)

☆If you'd like to see more information about me, pleaase go to
Japanese web site:

A Japanese Female Tattoo Artist’s Blog

Hi! I'm Ryoki a female tattoo artist from Osaka, Japan.
I'm a self-taught tattoo artist.
I've been in this business since 1999
and have had my own studio,'Al-Haut' since July 2001.

It's located in a trendy area for young people in Osaka called "American villege", in Shinsaibashi.

'Al-Haut' is named after Piseces in the Arabic horoscope.
I hope to appeal to people with this mysterious,exotic name.
(By the way, I'm a Pisces!!)

Basically, I have a distinctive style of tattooing called 'Fine-Line',
which uses an illustrative technique.

The outlines are not as bold and the overall impression is more like a water-colour painting.

'Fine-Line' technique is most suitable for sensitive detailed subjects.
I draw on nature for my inspiration and specialize in flowers and birds!
I’ve been told that my tattoos have a delicate and sensitive touch.

My second style has been influenced by my studies of the ancient cultures of the Orient and middle east at University.
It is a fusion of mysticism and mythology.
This fantasy style is also popluar with many clients.

I like to use 'Fine-line' for these images, too

I’m interested in tattooing non Japanese people too, so I started this blog in English
To introduce myself, my work ,and my daily life.

If you are interested and would like to post a comment,
I would be happy to hear for you.

My English isn’t perfect, but I will do my best,with a little help from my English teacher.

I hope you will forgive any mistakes and that my English improve in time.
I hope too,that you enjoy this blog, thanks for your support!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

☆If you'd like to see more information about me,

pleaase go to

web site:
Japanese web site:
Japanese blog :
Myspace address :