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How to be a Professional Tattoo Artist

As tattoos become more popular these days, more and more people are getting tattoos or talking about getting one. This is great for the industry and even better for those who would like to get involved in the tattoo industry. But dont think that becoming a professional tattoo artist is easy. There really isnt any such thing as easy money by becoming a tattoo artist.

Ambigram stencils

Ambigram Stencils Tattoo Downloads Looking for some great ambigram downloads? Then you’ve come to the right place at Wow Tattoos. We feature high quality ambigram tattoo designs from Mark Palmer one of the original ambigram tattoo artists. We have thousands of ambigram stencils to choose from that you can download instantly.

Feel free to browse our tattoo galleries for examples of artwork in both asymmetrical and symmetrical designs. You can also get an ambigram download with your first or last name and if you don’t see what you want on our site contact us with your custom ambigram design idea. We also have non-ambigram designs by featured artists Ben Runco and Santos. Besides a great tattoo stencil you can also get ambigram merchandise like the Wow Tag key chain, flash books, and find information on finding ambigram artists in your area.

Angel Tattoo Designs - Angel Wing Tattoos

There is no doubt that angel and angel wing tattoos have become extremely popular in recent years. And why not? Angels are some of the purest creatures that one can choose to ink on their bodies. They are very spiritual; these tattoos are around the most religious out there! However, not everyone who decides on angel wing tattoos or angel tattoo designs is getting them because of religious reasons. Angels stand for so much more than that.

Angel wing tattoos can be found in many shapes and sizes. Some span the entire area of people's back while others are small enough to fit nicely on your ankle. So how do you know what size to get? It's all about your personal preference. Some people just don't want an enormous tattoo covering their backs. Smaller angel wing tattoos are much easier to hide and some find them more attractive.

Cool Tattoos For Girls

Locating cool tattoos for girls should be a fun and rewarding process. It's often the opposite, though, because more and more women are bumping into the same generic designs over and over again. These three tips should help you take you time when deciding on which cool tattoos for girls to pick and where to find them.

First, you need to realize that the internet is filled with artwork for your girl tattoo. There is no need to go and settle on the first half way decent design that you see. Many females (and men) do this and then end up regretting their decision. The wished they would have taken a bit more time to truly locate what they wanted. It's doesn't make sense to settle on some cool tattoos for girls if you are not 100% sure about the design that you are looking at.

Back Tattoo For Men

It's time to take some real pride in selecting back tattoos for men. If you don't get your creative juices flowing, and if you don't get informed about the actual artwork you pick "before" inking it on your skin, you will be greatly disappointed with the end result. Here are two tips to absolutely make sure you pick back of neck tattoos that you're 100% happy with.

All throughout the world, it's the simplest things in life that can make the biggest difference. The same is true when it comes to picking tattoo designs. Here's the point I'm trying to make. Get informed about the styles you end up liking. You need to know about the history and any blemishes the style may have. The bet way to get informed, as well as find out about the great artwork sites out there is to use big forums to your advantage. Their archives are packed with topics about tats, where people kindly share their experiences and you can even meet tons of real life artists who share their knowledge.

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