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Visiting the London tattoo convention 09


I went to the London tattoo convention last September!

It was first time for me to see soooo many great tattoo artist's working as same time in one place!!!!

I met many friends ,saw new persons and talked a lot. It was really excellent time.
I upload some pictures I took there below this text.

Best regards Ryoki

the convention hall

The Filip Leu, Sabine Gaffron, Jondix and Tin-Tin booth

Sabine Gaffron
Filip Leu
Julian, Marcuse and Orrin

with the clients

with the Artists from Singapore and Thai land
the organizer of Singpore tattoo convention

Wating for my new tattoo!!!

I got the tattoo from Sabine Gaffrom.
Marcuse, Smilin Demons Tattoo

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