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Going to work in Germany

Hi, everybody.
I'm going to Europe and will be available for tattoo sessions while I'm there.

I'll be in Germany ,from 25th of February to the 14th of April.

I'll be in Smilin Demon Tattoo studio from 25th of February for 3 or 4weeks.
Smilin Demon Tattoo studio

I will be Altstadt tattoo in Lubeck from 5th of April to 7th of April
Altstadt tattoo

I will be in Fur Immer Tattoo studio in Berlin from 7th of April to 14th of April

If you are interested in getting tattoo from me there,
please contact me Myspace or send the E-mail .
I'd like to tattoo many non Japanese people on my journey.
I'm really looking forward to going Europe !!
Best regards Ryoki

☆If you'd like to see more information about me,
pleaase go to Japanese web site:
Myspace address :

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