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Daily Care Tips For Upper Body Tattoos

While tattoos are a popular and fashionable body art method, there are also some risks associated with it. Temporary tattoos can be removed easily whereas the permanent tattoos require much maintenance and care. Upper arm tattoos, back tattoos, shoulder tattoos or arm sleeve tattoos are some of the popular ones. One must take care that it does not get infected!

Here are some basic care tips:

- The tattooed place is kept bandaged for no less than 2 years. This prevents infestation of air-borne bacteria using blood as breeding ground. After bandage removal, wash the area with lukewarm water.

- Apply mild ointment to soothe the area. You might see fluids oozing out. Don't clean it with bare hands, it will spread infection. Never rub the area but pat dry it with soft cloth to prevent abrasion.

- Avoid taking hot bath for almost 3 weeks along with swimming, especially if you have upper arm tattoos. Never keep soap lather on the tattooed place. Instead, apply mild lotions but take care to avoid any chemical products.

- In the process of healing, sometimes you will see peeling and scabbing. Never peel of the skin manually. Instead apply warm compresses, it will heal itself. Ointments like Neosporin and products which are petroleum based, A& D and having bacitracin are helpful.

- After healing, the skin itches frequently because the skin around it starts drying. Having upper arm tattoos increases the curiosity to peel the dry skin off. Take care not to scratch or peel the area or else it will get infected. Like before, pat the area with moist cloth. The dry skin will fall off naturally.

- Avoid exposing tattoo to sunlight. Sunlight lightens away the design and leaves behind patches and reduced glamour. To keep it vibrant, apply sunscreen with minimum SPF30.

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