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Monday...thank you!

Monday, Monday

Oh, today was so wonderful. Remember how I mentioned (okay, dedicated a whole post to!) my weird day last Friday, and how that triggered a bad bout of anxiety? Well said situation was totally blown out of proportion in my mind and today it was nothing. At all. Lesson learned, I think. I have such a tendency to allow my "over thinking" to often run out of control and make me so incredibly upset. Case in point, Friday. I even spent this morning worked up in a nervous ball of stress to find out I had totally misunderstood the entire situation and I had literally wasted hours of my life dwelling on something that didn't even exist. How frustrating is that! I really feel like it was a huge "growing" moment for me though, and I'm happy I had a chance to make such a big realization and move forward. I know my occasional bout of anxiety is normal, and probably unavoidable, but I can definitely work towards avoiding putting myself into mental situations like that one. It's so crazy how immediately great I felt upon clarification. :)

So, yes, today was wonderful. The day went by so quickly and I had a great time in all of my classes. My sophomore kiddos finished up their AIMS prep packets and began their next vocabulary unit, and my seniors went over our book club guidelines, scheduled their chapter/page schedules, and wrote some funny limericks. Tomorrow I have AIMS (Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards test) until 11am and then we have very short classes, so the day should be another quick one. Proctoring tests isn't so bad, and I'm especially happy because my "partner" for the test is great guy who will be super pleasant to spend three straight hours with!

This weekend I am planning on heading down to Phoenix on Friday to celebrate my dear friend Erin's 30th birthday, and then my Dad's birthday on Saturday, and then visiting with Autumn and family. I haven't seen them in a week and that's too long in my opinion! If you haven't been reading my blog for awhile, Autumn is my best friend, and she recently moved back to Arizona from California. It's so, so nice having her that much closer. She had her second baby this past week, and I can't wait to see him again. Then Saturday night one of Hank's bands, Hot Skin, is playing at our local skate shop after the premiere of a new video. It should be a fun night!

Saturday night

I've had a great night tonight too- Hank and I had a yummy dinner (beans and veggies) and watched Millionaire Matchmaker. And yes, he loves shows like this, even though he will deny it 'til he's blue in the face. We both love Ms. Patti Stanger, she is such a firecracker and reminds me a lot of one of my old professors.

I also made a super fun playlist of SO MANY of my favorite songs growing up. I'm definitely a huge fan of the 90's and these are some of my most cherished bands and songs. Some are cheesy, some aren't, all are fabulous! Hank and I just spent a good 20 minutes going through these and singing along. Nerds! :) Did you listen to any of these bands as a pre-teen/teen? Which song on this playlist is your favorite?

Have a great night everyone! See you tomorrow for Tattoo Tuesday.

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