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Old School Tattoo Designs - How to Choose a Classic Design With an Original Twist

Old school tattoo designs are some of my favorites. Tattoos have become so popular in today's culture and the old school styles remind me of a time when tattoos were only for a select rebellious few. But how do you find old school designs that look original? Here are some things to consider that will help you find what's right for you... and cut down your time looking.

The old school designs have become popular again. This can work in your favor or against it. The good news is there are more designs available now then ever. The bad news is it may take some time sorting through the generic ones to find something that really inspires you.

Most of the artwork you see was not drawn by someone who understands how to create an image that looks good on the body. Just because a design looks amazing on paper doesn't mean it will translate well on your body.

You need to find sites that understand this and only offer images created by professional tattoo artists. You'll have to sort through a ton of generic sites to find the legit ones, but they are out there.

Asking around on tattoo forums for recommendations can be a good place to start. They often provide pictures of their tattoos which is helpful.

A recent statistic says that 35% of all people who get a new tattoo end up regretting their choice later. Don't be so anxious to get your new tattoo that you end up compromising and getting something you're unhappy with. There are plenty of old school tattoo designs available that are perfect for you...if you know where to look.

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