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These days it seems like everyone and their brother or sister is getting a tattoo. The whole world of tattooing has exploded for sure! There are now hit TV series featuring tattoo shops and more and more people are getting tattoos then ever before. One of the things that has fueled this exception growth is the ink used in tattooing. Old school tattoos and not that far back in our tattoo history all tattoos were done with black ink. Black tattoos were the only way to go as there were no other color choices. However, new inks were invented about 10 years ago and have spawned a huge growth in tattoos since tattoos could now come in full color.

However, not every application of a tattoo design should be done in color just because it can be. There are some designs that work much better as black ink tattoos. Are you not sure if you should be getting a color tattoo or a black ink tattoo? This article will help give you some ideas of the most popular black tattoo designs and ones that lend themselves to this medium.
Ink Tattoos

Portraits of people can be very difficult tattoos to pull off. You for sure want to find a top notch artist that specializes in portrait tattoos. Typically these can come out much better as black ink tattoo designs. They carry the image of the person much better. If you do choose to get some color it is often advisable with portraits to limit the color of the design and do the bulk of the work in black if possible.


Another tattoo design that should pretty much always be done in black are trials designs. This makes the design stand out as bold and strong and it carries the line work much better then if you confuse the design with a ton of colors.

Old School

Another popular form of black designs are old school tats. These are the nautical stars, sailor Jerry designs. Think of Anchors, pirate ships, hearts with a banner and so forth. These can be done with color ink and that has been the whole impetus behind the west coat style tattooing. However, something about these original designs just looks better when kept in the black ink. It carries a more bold and strong message.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to getting a black ink tattoo design. They are typically less expensive then if you go with a full color design. They are quicker to get inked and therefore less painful in the end. They also make a more bold and strong statement by really standing out.

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