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Color Fade - Why the Permanent Tattoo Colors Fade

Contrary to the name "permanent tattoo", there are few permanent pigments which fade with time. The best permanent pigments which may not fade are not safe at all to use on human. So the tattoo industry is left with very few options for safe pigments. To avoid any complications the tattoo artists use light and fast permanent colors. But still there are exceptions as well. Colors like yellow, purple, orange or magenta do not come with any guarantee of fade resistance. The colors cannot protect themselves from the Ultraviolet rays and mostly the sun rays.

Does it mean that you have to stay away from sun rays forever to avoid fading? No no. Is it humanly possible? Yes, but excessive exposure to sun will of course cause the colors to fade sooner. Isn't it quite natural? Just think how your normal skin gets affected when exposed to sun too much! Doesn't it get tanned? Doesn't the skin quality demean? The rate of fading of the tattoo is just the same.

There is another reason also behind the fast fading of the tattoos. The tattoo artist should have ample expertise in this art. If you get tattooed from a novice or may be someone not that experienced, there are chanced that the color may fade soon. But I think the chances are much less than those tattoos done from an experienced artist.

You may hear someone commenting on any tattoo to look much older than actually it is. Then you should be sure that the person, who got tattooed, must not have taken proper care of the tattoo during the healing process, which is very important. Or, may be he has exposed the tattoo too much to the sun or the tattoo artist hasn't applied the pigments properly while tattooing.

The most obvious reason of fading of the tattoo is the aging of your skin. It is quite natural, as your skin grows older, so will the tattoo. There is no escape from such a situation. You have to accept this fact. To keep your tattoo look good and prominent as long as possible, what you can do is, take proper care of your skin, which in turn will take care of your tattoo as well.

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