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The Hottest Tattoo Quotes, Ideas, and Word Designs For 2010

The year has just started but obviously one of the biggest trends in tattoo designs is going to be word, literary and written tattoos of popular and cool quotes or sayings. There are many different names for these styles of tattoos but essential they all feature one major growing trend in tattoo designs and that is the trend of the written word.

Word Tattoo History

Of course word tattoos have always been around. A tattoo that features some lettering artwork is often less expensive and pretty easily done and therefore it has always been a pretty popular option. However, words were typically used as an embellishment to the main course so to speak. In other words (pun intended) the graphic artwork of the tattoo design always took the center stage in the past. The only real exception to this rule was a memorial or gang related design. Other than those two usually the words were simply to convey the meaning of the picture or the design of the tattoo and the words were never really thought of as the design itself.

However, over the last two or so years this has really changed and now literary tattoos that feature fancy scripts, cursive writing and beautifully embellished fonts are the main part of the design. Some people might choose to give the words or written design a bit of artwork to go with it but it is only meant to enhance the overall design. It seems these days people are fascinated with logos, sayings, words and song lyrics in just about any language. Japanese kanji tattoos, Arabic and Hindi designs as well as Celtic saying and olde English verses has all become very popular.

Popular Locations For Women

This trend has been picked up by men and women alike. Just as many women are getting their tattoo quotes as men. Some of the more popular locations for women to get such designs are a bit different than men.

Ankle - The ankle is a pretty small canvas for a tattoo and therefore lends itself to smaller and cute female tattoo designs such as words. Also they can naturally curve around the ankle making a beautiful and ornate looking bracelet yet one with deep and rich meaning.

Wrist - The wrist is pretty much like the ankle a great place for a delicate design that is femeinine and sexy at the same time. Thus the words or saying can easily wrap around the wrist. We have all seen the mass of celebrities getting the now famous under wrist tattoo. Typically a one or two word saying that is packed with meaning for the person.

Hip - The hip is the new lower back tattoo design. It is the new location for any sexy tattoo design and so why not but some beautifully embellished writing smack on the hip area.

Rib cage and Side - This has always been a location more reserved for the seriously committed tattoo fans as the rib cage can be one of the more painful areas to get tattoo designs done on. However, these days with so many people getting tattoos it can be hard to come up with original and unique ideas. Thus has lead many women to go with the rib cage tattoo.

Popular Locations For Men

Shoulder - The shoulder area has always been one of the most popular places for a tattoo design. It is easily covered and a great place for a first timer.

Upper Back - A upper back tattoo is a great location since it is a big canvas. This is also a pretty popular place for guys to get a written tattoo. Typically guys go for a one word design instead of a saying but it is really up to your own tastes and what you want to get done.

Rib Cage - As mentioned above this was always the area for hardcore tattoo enthusiast as it can be a pretty painful tattoo. However, it sure give you great bragging rights with your buddies when you can sport the cool ambigram tattoo design on your rib cage area. Nice and big to get the full effect. Just remember when you buddies ask it wasn't that painful right?

Forearm - The forearm is one of the more usually but quickly growing areas to get a tattoo done one. Since guys like to often get the one word tattoo the shape of the forearm a long rectangle is perfect for one of these designs.

As you can see these are just some of the location for getting a great looking tattoo quotes design. There are many sayings, words and designs out there so spend you time looking carefully and pick something that is going to be important and meaningful to you.

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