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Jesus on the Cross Tattoo Design

For a significant portion of the world's population, Jesus Chris of Nazareth is the end-all, be-all when it comes to devoted religious worship. Put succinctly, for these folks, there's no one more important than Jesus. When they want to show their devotion, therefore, one of the most creative and powerful ways they go about it is with a tattoo of the Son of God up on his cross. There are thousands of different variations of the Jesus on the Cross Tattoo design, and here are some pointers to get you started on deciding which is the best for you.

Deciding on Size: Just how devoted to Jesus are you? Some people devote large sections of their body to showing off their Jesus tattoo. Others prefer something a little more discrete, perhaps in a spot that can only be seen when clothing is removed. Decide where you stand, and make your decision accordingly.

Where is the Emphasis: Some people place all of the detailed emphasis on the cross, while others put the majority of the attention on Jesus himself. This is an important distinction to make, and one that requires thought.

Placement of the Cross: One great variation on the standard theme is to place Jesus carrying his cross, rather than posted up to it. This symbolizes something entirely different, and devout Catholics will notice.

A Full Scene: Some people are very attracted to the nativity scene as a symbol. If you're thinking about carrying a Jesus tattoo, why not consider a full image of everyone involved in the crucifixion? Turn your entire back into a living storyboard of Jesus' last moments. This would be one of the most unique tattoos you could get to show off your bond with Christ.

A Halo: You could also put a halo around Jesus' head, to signify the angels that took him up to heaven after he died. Likewise, it's worth considering putting an entire scene in with the angels taking him. The only limit to what will eventually end up as ink on your body are the roadblocks you create in your mind, and of course these can be broken down with effort. If you free yourself to come up with something really great, you'll come away with a timeless design.

A Jesus on the Cross Tattoo design [] is one of the best ways to express the way you feel about your religion. Go for a design that makes you feel good, and you're sure to come away with something powerful, provocative, and thoughtful.

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