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TCA Tattoo Removal - Can You Use it While Pregnant Or Breast Feeding

When using any new product or simply using a product for the first time, one should always know the ends and outs and risks associated with that particular product before use. This goes for everyone, especially women that are pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant. For obvious reason you never want to ingest anything that pose a potential threat to an unborn child. You never want to be involved in any activity that may cause harm or any impact on your unborn child. I believe this goes without saying.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine if a substance is or could be harmful to the health of you or your child. Most products have labels that say in plain English, "Do not use if pregnant or nursing". For the products that usually state that warning, it is for good reason or for a lack of research on whether or not it can be harmful. You always want use common sense, error on the side of caution and ask yourself a few questions.

For example, is this something you are going to have to eat in order to get results from the product, or am I going to have to stick or inject anything to achieve results. If you do have to eat, stick, or inject anything into yourself in order to achieve results, then it is surely not a good idea to use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Tca tattoo removal is one of the most commonly used products for completely removing or fading away tattoos of all shapes sizes and colors. It has been twice medically proven to remove tattoos without the use of needles or lasers. However, with that being said there has not been extensive research done to prove whether or not tca tattoo removal can be hazardous to women who are pregnant, nursing, or that may become pregnant. Even though there has been no proof that a hazard exists, it is probably not a good idea to use it.

What you do want to consider about his product is that it is not ingested, as it is an acid. It is not absorbed into the skin so there is no potential to reach the blood stream. All it does it kills the top layer of skin where the tattoo is. So if you have a tattoo that you would like to remove and are nursing it is probably best to wait until you are not pregnant or nursing anymore.

However if you do choose the use the product, simply read the instructions and warnings and know that this is not something that will be eaten, ingested, nor will it reach your blood stream because it is an externally used product.

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